Gold blockchain  Introduction

     gold blockchain : open source encrypted digital currency,Apply blockchain technology to send and receive gold coins, Every transaction is permanently, securely, and transparently recorded on the gold blockchain. We use your existing available hard disk space store drawings earn gold coins, The gold coin map you draw is bred on the hard drive. gold coin is a space proof encryption technology, The prover proves that they have allocated unused hard disk space as storage space, In order to be a consensus method, the space proof must be associated with the time proof to ensure that the block generation time between them is consistent and improve the overall security of the gold blockchain.

    The gold blockchain is compatible with chia plots, so you can mine gold with the same land of chia, and you can also cultivate the land of chia or other forked coins of chia at the same time.

    Why is it difficult for me to get gold on the gold blockchain?

     In order to get more gold, you have to do gold(gl) staking.Initially your staking factor is 20.5, which means that your farming speed is 20 times slower than your normal farming speed. In order to increase your farming speed you have to stake coins on your gold blockchain application. In our experience, the ideal stacking factor is 1. At this value you will have the highest farming speed. For this factor, you need to contribute 1 coin per 1 TB of your farming space. For example, your farm is 200TB, so you need to contribute 200 coins. You can buy coins from fork exchanges.You can stake in stake tab in gold blockchain application.

    How to stake gold(gl) and How to withdraw gold staking) ?

    Staking Gold,Mining Difficulty Reduced

    Gold Staking Calculator

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